Proven results from a different kind of "expert"

Unlike most relationship “experts”, Stan Padgett didn’t gain his experience and knowledge from reading a book or earning a certification. His experience comes from a deep passion over the last 42 years to keep the magic going in his own relationship…and help others do the same.

Stan was determined NOT to become another statistic of divorce. As high school sweethearts, he and his wife Linda experienced many trials throughout their relationship: financial hardships, raising children when they were just kids themselves, long hours at work, and even the unimaginable grief of losing two grandsons.

However, the couple’s relationship not only survived, it thrived! Although Stan worked long hours as a lawyer, he refused to use it as an excuse for neglecting his marriage. And…throughout the years, he has spent countless hours studying and documenting the steps and strategies he used to build and maintain his beautiful relationship with Linda.

Stan’s professional career may have been devoted to helping people protect their business assets, but his passion has always been protecting the most important asset – his marriage. Over the years he has helped many friends through their own marital challenges. Plus, he’s spoken at various events on the topic.

Transform the Relationship You Have Into the Relationship You Want