Deep loving relationships are built on trust and respect. Without these essential elements, emotions eventually fade away and lose relevance. Enrich and deepen the connection with your partner in the most profound ways with Cracking The Relationship Code.

Immerse yourself in discussions about how to handle challenges in your relationships. Focused on married couples, this podcast brings joy, meaning, and genuine understanding to your daily life. With rising cases of broken families and divorce, these conversations are needed more than ever today.


CRC 4 | Setting Yourself Up

8 Words To Live By

  We have the ability to shape our dreams and reach our goals, but we fail because we don’t do it consciously. Stan Padgett teaches

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CRC 3 | Relationship Control

Control Is Relationship Poison

  In this ever-changing world, there are just so many things we can’t control. To compensate for that fact, we, whether knowingly or unknowingly, try

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Transform the Relationship You Have Into the Relationship You Want