CRC 9 | Masculine And Feminine Energy

Masculine Energy / Feminine Energy

Does your work exhaust you daily? If you feel you fit in your work, you work within your energy. In this episode, Stan Padgett explains the importance of understanding the difference between masculine energy and feminine energy. He discusses the role of these energies within relationships. Stan points out that appearances are not always what… read more »

CRC 8 | Mote And Beam

Mote And Beam

  The best foundation for a happy life is happy relationships. Within the family, that starts with the husband and wife. If this central relationship is strong, safe, fulfilling, joyful, and passionate, the rest of the family unit will echo that and have a long, happy, and healthy life. In this episode, Stan Padgett digs… read more »

CRC 7 | Binary Stars

Binary Stars

  The universe is full of parallels that constantly remind us how our lives are even more connected than we let on. A perfect example is the concept of the Binary Stars and how this physical phenomenon mirrors human relationships. In this episode, Stan Padgett looks into the lessons we can learn from the universe… read more »

CRC 6 | Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself

  To love thy neighbor as thyself, you have to first love yourself. Stan Padgett discusses the importance of loving yourself, acknowledging yourself, and the role those play in loving others. Stan shares how the Golden Rule underpins the idea of loving your neighbor as yourself, and shares how you can start having a better… read more »

CRC 5 | Diamond Relationship Formula

The Diamond Relationship Formula

  We all want our relationships to be like diamonds. We want them to last forever. How can we achieve that? Is there a formula that could help us improve the quality of our relationships? In this episode, Stan Padgett shares the secret to having quality relationships with others. The Diamond Relationship Formula allows you… read more »

CRC 4 | Setting Yourself Up

8 Words To Live By

We have the ability to shape our dreams and reach our goals, but we fail because we don’t do it consciously. Stan Padgett teaches the right way of setting yourself up for success and programming your mind to constantly search for personal growth. He also shares tips on becoming a better partner in every relationship… read more »

CRC 3 | Relationship Control

Control Is Relationship Poison

In this ever-changing world, there are just so many things we can’t control. To compensate for that fact, we, whether knowingly or unknowingly, try to control our relationships instead. And this does more harm than good. In this episode, Stan Padgett discusses the damage any form of control does to a relationship. He lists the… read more »

CRC 2 | Successful Relationships

The Building Blocks Of Successful Relationships

What do successful relationships have in common? Whatever culture you grew up in, the basic building blocks remain the same. You need to have trust and respect in your relationship. The same can be said for both your relationship with your intimate partner and your relationship with your children. In this second episode of Cracking… read more »